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Information Campaign for Mediaspace Website

Mediaspace’s new website, multimediehuset.dk, must contribute to raising awareness among citizens for the project, which will become Aarhus’ new Main Library and Citizens’ Services. The building at the harbour will be finished in 2014, but the process is well under way.

Citizens can therefore just now see the address for Mediaspace’s website at bus stops, on posters, apples and fliers around the city. With this initiative Citizens’ Services and Libraries invites everyone inside on Mediaspace’s new website.

The Mediaspace process is about involvement, cooperation and networking. You can read more about this on the website, where you can also view photos from the process, videos of visions – and if you have a good idea, you can upload your own photos as inspiration. You can naturally also find factual information about e.g. the architectural competition, timetable, political decisions and the organisation behind the project.

The website will be updated continuously with quizzes, polls, new photos and videos. You can also follow coming activities through the Mediaspace activity calendar or by signing up for the website’s newsletter.