The City of Aarhus has announced the prequalification for the international architectural competition which will develop the city’s central harbour space and establish Mediaspace, Aarhus’ new main library and Citizens’ Services.

With the announcement, it is possible for interested architects to request participation in the coming project competition. The competition is expected to begin in March and is carried out in two phases with selection of the final winner in late 2008.


On 19 September, members of Citizens’ Services’ Citizen Panel were invited to the Town Hall. The purpose of the citizen panel is to involve citizens in decision-making processes concerning Citizens’ Services. Citizens’ Services handles, among other things, passports, driving licenses and national health insurance and is thus an authority which all people in Aarhus will have a need for at some point. It is therefore important to know the users’ opinions of and wishes for Citizens’ Services.

On 30 August, a meeting was held at the Town Hall for Mediaspace’s strategy- and concept group, which consists of representatives from among others the municipality, Citizens’ Services, the libraries, Aarhus School of Architecture, and Concert Hall Aarhus.

The radical restructuring and extensions of the harbour in Aarhus have enabled the creation of a new popular and recreational use of the city’s central waterfront which is close to the historical city centre. Realdania offers The City of Aarhus cooperation on qualifying and realising the huge potential, which the project provides for the future of Aarhus.

Rambøll Management has, on behalf of Mediaspace, conducted a survey of people’s knowledge, opinion and expectations of the coming MediaspaceAarhus’ new Main Library and Citizens’ Services. The objective of the survey was to learn: