Mediaspace is the replacement of the main library from 1934 and it will be placed at the Parade Quay at the mouth of Aarhus River.

A survey conducted by Rambøll Management shows that a significant majority of 77 % of a representative segment of the people in Aarhus believe that Mediaspace will be good for the city. Only 14 % think that this is not the case.

Aarhus Main Library
The Hall, Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The Main Library conducts a workshop for children with the purpose of obtaining the children’s ideas about content, design and competences in the coming Mediaspace.

Creative methods are used at the workshop to develop and express the ideas.

To register for the workshop please call the Main Library at 8940 9248. Registration is open from Wednesday 20 June 2007 at 10 a.m.


Mediaspace’s new website,, must contribute to raising awareness among citizens for the project, which will become Aarhus’ new Main Library and Citizens’ Services. The building at the harbour will be finished in 2014, but the process is well under way.

The new and updated website of Mediaspace will be launched during week 25. The new website will contain information, film and photos about the Mediaspace project and project status, various interactive solutions in the shape of polls, quizzes, newsletters etc.

In week 24, Citizens’ Services and Libraries will conduct a survey among the citizens of The City of Aarhus. The survey will, among other things, establish the level of knowledge about the Mediaspace project.