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77 % of People in Aarhus Believe Mediaspace a Good Idea

Mediaspace is the replacement of the main library from 1934 and it will be placed at the Parade Quay at the mouth of Aarhus River.

A survey conducted by Rambøll Management shows that a significant majority of 77 % of a representative segment of the people in Aarhus believe that Mediaspace will be good for the city. Only 14 % think that this is not the case.

510 representatively selected people from Aarhus were interviewed by telephone. Two thirds say that they would likely be among the users of the house if it was already finished.

35 % of respondents say that they have heard about the coming Mediaspace, primarily through the media.

‘It is encouraging that there is such a positive attitude towards a structure which will only be finished in late 2014’, says Rolf Hapel, Director of Citizens’ Services and Libraries. ‘I am also impressed by the fact that a relatively high number of people have heard about the project already’.