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ALE – Academy af Library Experience

International ’lab' for library development in Aarhus

In 2012, five library developers from Australia, Vienna, Berlin and Poland visit Aarhus. This will take place in connection with a pilot test of a new concept for international innovation.

The purpose is to generate possibilities for Aarhus Public Libraries to gain more new and different ideas and competences for our innovation work, enabling us to offer better services for the citizens of Aarhus.

Continuous updating of network and partnerships, locally as well as internationally, is also part of the purpose and the project will of course involve the participants in the Mediaspace process.


Five library developers will visit Aarhus for 1-4 weeks during 2012 where they will cooperate with employees at ITC, the Branch Libraries and the Main Library on developing new ideas.

At the Main Library, Transformation Lab 2 in the lobby is where visitors' ideas are carried out and where citizens of Aarhus can experience them.

We have named the pilot project ALE – Academy af Library Experience and the visitors are Members of ALE - Academy of Library Experience.

The members of ALE provide the means for trip and stay themselves.

Aarhus Public Libraries will evaluate the pilot project at the end of 2012 and hopefully this will result in launching a concrete concept. The pilot project will generate the basis for the concept and Aarhus Public Libraries will call for applications for all candidates for ALE – Academy af Library Experience.

Time and criteria will be determined after the evaluation of the pilot project and the first round of applications announced in 2013.


Knud Schulz, Manager of the Main Library: ksc@aarhus.dk

Lotte Duwe Nielsen, Library transformer at the Main Library: ldn@aarhus.dk