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Timetable for Lock and Pump System

Construction of the pump unit starts on 2 January 2013 and we expect to finish it in December 2013.

Afterwards, we will start work on the lock system while at the same time opening up the final part of Aarhus River. This will take place in the period from February to December 2014.

January 2013:

  • Establishing the construction site
  • Removing current surfaces (roads and pavements)
  • Rearranging wires within the construction site area

February – March 2013:

  • Driving down sheet piling
  • Concrete pile driving

April – August 2013:

  • Excavation of construction frame
  • Udgravning af anlæggets byggegrube
  • Carrying out concrete work

September – December 2013:

  • Carrying out the covering from the building to Hotel Atlantic

February – December 2014:

  • Establishing the lock system
  • Opening up the final part of the river