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Indoor Climate

In a number of areas, we have worked to optimise the indoor climate for users and employees of Dokk1.

Acoustics and sound

  • Great demands are made on reverbaration time in the building in order for it to be pleasant to stay in despite the large rooms
  • Great demands are made on soundproofing between rooms and floors in order to minimise nuissances from other activities in the building
  • As far as possible, we handle acoustic challenges by using the physical settings of the building. We then supplement using furniture and equipment that contribute to the collective sound absorption of the rooms
  • We have an induction loop system several places in the building

Plumbing and heating, ventilation and cooling

  • We have optimised isolation in the building as well as the energy-related efficiency of the installations
  • We have optimised the cooling system in order to obtain the best energy-related performance
  • We have minimised nuissances related to overhead lighting
  • We have made sure that ventilation can take place with variable air volume (VAV) in areas with great variation in number of people depending on temperature and C02
  • All ventilations are connected to the building management system so we are able to control and regulate heat and ventilation in the house
  • We reuse the air from the parking facility which thereby helps warm up the facility
  • We make sure that we are able to monitor closely the consumption of water and heat in the building
  • We implement non-touch fittings in the building

Lighting and solar protection

  • We use cladding glass with very low heat transmission
  • We have chosen the glass type in the skylights based on e.g. energy-related criteria
  • We have interior solar protection
  • We use LED lighting in order to minimise energy consumption