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The River

The mouth of Aarhus River, where it runs into Aarhus Bay, is part of the construction project Urban Mediaspace. When building activities commence, they will include the part of the river closest to the harbour.

The reason is that Aarhus City Council has decided to reopen Aarhus River. Around 1930, the river was covered in order to improve traffic access to Aarhus Harbour.

Together with the establishment of the new waterfront spaces around Mediaspace, the opening of the river will play a part in strengthening the coherence between city, harbour and bay.

The first phases of reopening the river have already been completed, which has resulted in a vibrant café milieu along the river. The special atmosphere along the reopened river is for many people closely linked to their perception of Aarhus city centre.

The river milieu is extended

When Mediaspace is built at the mouth of the river, the last part of the river will be reopened. The river then – once again – runs in an open, uninterrupted line all the way to the harbour.

Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue handles the layout of the urban space along the final part of the river and ensures that materials interact properly all the way to the mouth of the river.

Thus the special milieu around the river is extended from the city centre to the new urban waterfront. Pedestrians can continue their stroll uninterrupted from the river to the harbour – or vice versa.

The sketch below shows Mediaspace seen from the river.