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Car Park

The City of Aarhus, in cooperation with Realdania Byg, has built a large car park at Aarhus Harbour. The car park is built in connection with the new Mediaspace on the south bastion across from Europaplads and the mouth of the river. The car park is placed beneath Mediaspace.

An automatic car park

The car park is the first automatic car park in Aarhus. It accommodates approximately 1000 cars and is thus the Europe’s largest automatic car park.

An automatic car park has a range of advantages over a traditional car park. First and foremost, as a driver you avoid having to move around a dark underground parking facility.

Instead you will drop off and collect your car in a pleasant and bright environment with a view of the city and the water. An elevator will transport the car to a space in the basement.

An automatic car park utilises the available room in an optimal way, as each floor of the car park will only be approximately half the height of a traditional parking facility.

Ownership of the car park

Realdania Byg contributes approximately 500 million Danish kroner to the establishment of the car park.

After completion the ownership was transferred to Realdania Byg, who also assumed responsibility of daily operations. The car park is run on a commercial basis.