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Energy Consumption

In a number of areas, we have worked on reducing energy consumption in Urban Mediaspace Aarhus.

Dokk1 is constructed as a low-energy building class 2015

  • The compact shape of the building means that we are able to reduce the surface area and thereby reduce heat loss
  • We obtain natural shades via the size of the floors and their mutual placement
  • When the sun is low in the winter, solar radiation will reach the facades of the building while in the summer when the sun is high, the lower floors will be shaded

Solar cell system on the roof of Dokk1

  • We are planning a solar cell system on the roof of approx. 3000 m2
  • We have not yet projected the solar cell system. We wish to do this as late in the process as possible in order to make sure that the latest technology and experiences will be implemented. We will begin projecting in February 2013.

Utilisation of sea water cooling

  • We use sea water cooling for cooling down Dokk1 and thereby we reduce energy consumption significantly
  • Sea water cooling is used e.g. in the server room and on the building's third level where there are cooling lofts


  • Inside as well as outside we have focused on keeping energy consumption as low as possible, e.g. by using LED-lighting
  • In order to minise energy consumption by increased inflow of daylight, we regulate inflow of daylight in relevant parts of the building
  • In relevant parts of the building, a light switch must be activated before lights will go on
  • In relevant parts of the building, the light will automatically switch off after an adjustable period where the room/zone has not been used

Automatic parking facility

  • Reduced consumption for ventilation
  • Reduced consumption of lighting
  • Reduced fuel consumption for transportation in the facility
  • Social sustainability: less vandalism of cars, greater sense of security for drivers, greater accessibility

Minimising energy consumption in the construction phase

  • Demands are made on all building contractors in the project and they must follow a number of guidelines for the purpose of making the construction site energy-efficient
  • Part of the expenses for construction site power falls on the individual contractor who is thereby encouraged to minimise energy consumption
  • Renting on-site huts for workers takes place on an individual level in order to minimise space and consumption