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Material Selection

In Urban Mediaspace Aarhus we have worked with sustainable material selection in a number of areas.


  • We use rugged materials so they will last long
  • We avoid using dangerous materials
  • We use materials that are reusable - for instance concrete, glass, wood and steel
  • We primarily use materials in Dokk1 with a closed surface - for instance concrete, steel, glass and aluminum. This is advantageous when it comes to e.g. dust and cleaning.
  • We ensure that the most important materials are extracted and produced under conditions that are correct in terms of working environment
  • We ensure that no PVC will be used in Dokk1
  • We use non-leaded and non-halogenous cables
  • We ensure that all technical installations are easily replaceable with the technical installations of the future

The new waterfont spaces

  • As far as possible, we reuse current surfaces
  • As far as possible, we reuse current base constructions
  • We use light concrete surfaces in order to take advantage of the positive effect which the reflection of sunlight has
  • We choose coatings based on parametres like the length of the transport route, controlled conditions of production, natural materials, rugged materials and a minimum of maintenance
  • We focus on the durability of materials
  • In order to secure durability, we have selected granite in the open space levels. Here, there is close contact with the water
  • We have selected asphalt as roadway coating in order to minimise noise along the city side


  • We have a varied selection of plants in order to generate the best possible microclimate and consider residents and citizens along the city side
  • We provide a foundation which is considerate of roots and open nursery beds
  • No pesticides may be used in cultivation