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Collection of Papers

What would Mediaspace look like if you were in charge? What does the new waterfront and waterfront spaces mean for city life in Aarhus?

It may be very inspirational to read other people’s papers about a subject. Subsequently, we will set up a collection of student papers about Urban Mediaspace Aarhus.

If you have written a paper or done a project, which you would like to share with others, we would very much like to hear from you.

Contact the project secretariat

Project ideas

Architecture, libraries, engineering work, experience economy, project management – Urban Mediaspace Aarhus contains many interesting angles and perspectives well-suited for a paper or project.

Perhaps you are studying to be a librarian, an architect or an engineer, perhaps you are a secondary school student or something completely different.

If you would like to make Urban Mediaspace Aarhus the subject of your paper, you are welcome to contact the project secretariat.

We will be happy to provide you with information and materials and possibly we can refer you to a key member of staff for further feedback.

If you need facts, maps or images about Urban Mediaspace Aarhus have a look at our website where you will be able to find most of it.

For teachers

If you are a teacher and planning lessons about Urban Mediaspace Aarhus, you are also very welcome to contact us if you need feedback or material about the project.

We are also available to give presentations about the project to your class.

Contact the project secretariat