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Vision- and Value Process

The seven core values of Mediaspace have been prepared in cooperation with citizens, politicians, members of staff, experts, cooperation partners and networks.

The citizen as key factor

Lifelong learning and community

Diversity, cooperation and network

Culture and experiences

Bridging citizens, technology and knowledge

Flexible and professional organisation

Sustainable icon for Aarhus

Development of core values

Mediaspace must be a unique place for cooperation. Such a place, with many present and future cooperation partners requires strong values.

During winter 2005-2006 we thus invited a wide range of experts, cooperation partners, networks, interested parties and members of staff to participate in the preparation of a series of core values for Mediaspace. Subsequently, we matched these core values with the citizens’ values.

Photos from the process

Here you can see photos from the development process. Click on the photos to view larger images.

P1010522 IMG_8589 P1010520 P1010518