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Contractor for automatic parking facility

The City of Aarhus and Realea A/S have named the contractor for Denmark’s most innovative parking facility on Aarhus harbour.

The German company Lödige Systems GmbH will supply the car park with room for 1000 cars, which will become Europe’s largest automatic parking facility.

The parking facility is part of the project ‘Urban Mediaspace Aarhus’, which consists of three new squares on Aarhus Harbour and a large Mediaspace with main library and citizens’ services.

Choice of contractor

When choosing contractor, The City of Aarhus and Realea A/S have made a point of finding a cooperation partner who can contribute to creating an optimum project, where the correlation between parking facility and Mediaspace produces a unique and architecturally well-founded parking experience.

The German contractor Lödige Systems GmbH has a wide range of experiences with parking facilities and automatic handling of cars and luggage. The company is behind a series of automatic parking facilities in Germany and France and has, among other things, provided electronic handling of luggage in JFK Airport in New York and Heathrow in London.

‘It has been important for us to find a contractor, who can provide a dependable facility with large capacity. Lödige has offered a technically superior solution at a very reasonable price’, says senior project manager in Realea Peter Fangel Poulsen.

Urban Mediaspace Aarhus

The car park is built by The City of Aarhus as an integrated part of the overall project ‘Urban Mediaspace Aarhus’. Following completion in 2014, the parking facility will be signed over to Realea A/S, who will manage future operations of the facility.

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