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Hjørring Library and the Red Band

On 19 May, Mediaspace’s Strategy- and Concept Group went on a study tour in Southern Jutland, more precisely to Nicolai in Kolding and Alsion in Sønderborg. The following week, the group visited Hjørring in Northern Jutland, where the new library was inaugurated in April 2008.

Hjørring Library is located in Metropol, which is a shopping centre. The total area of the library is 5,090 m2 and it is thus quite a bit smaller than Mediaspace will be. Nevertheless, Hjørring’s new library is well worth a visit and the trip was very inspiring.

The Red Band

When visiting Hjørring Library it is easy to see that, literally, a red thread runs through the library in the shape of the so-called Red Band, which visitors can follow and which gives a unique and interesting expression.

The Red Band was just one of many interesting ideas where e.g. Storage, the reading area with classical armchairs and particularly the children’s area stood out.

It is clear that a lot of attention has been given to detail and that the library has spared no expense when it comes to decoration and furniture. This makes the library appear beautiful and makes the user want to explore further. The place makes you want to stay longer than planned.  With its many cosy corners and options for activities, especially for children and families, it is a place where it is hard not to sit down somewhere to for instance be absorbed in a book or something else.

Despite the fact that Hjørring Library does not compare to the coming Mediaspace size-wise, the chosen solution was inspiring and gave food for thought. The library in Hjørring has many of the functions and atmospheres which are to be part of Mediaspace and the way in which Hjørring has created an innovative and attractive space will enter into the planning and designing of Mediaspace.