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Climate Protection of Aarhus River

When the City of Aarhus opens the last part of the river in connection with the establishment of Mediaspace and the new waterfront spaces, the project will include climate protection of the river.

This is done to avoid flooding of the city centre in case water levels rise.

Protection against flooding

As Aarhus’ city centre is in the river valley, parts of the city are sensitive to increased water levels in the bay and the river. Surveys of the harbour and areas along the river indicate that there is a risk of flooding.

The construction work on Urban Mediaspace Aarhus will include climate protection to increase security against flooding in these areas.

If water levels rise 2.5 metres

The illustration below shows to what extent the areas within the Ring Road will be flooded if water levels rise 2.5 metres (level 2.5).

The dark blue colour indicates Aarhus River. The three lighter tints of blue indicate level 2.0, 2.25 and 2.50 respectively.

Illustration af vandstand ved kote 2,5

Locks and pumps

The climate protection of Aarhus River will consist of a lock which in normal water conditions is covered by water. In case of elevated water levels the lock gate is raised and prevents the water from the bay from entering the river.

At the same time, built-in pumps ensure that the river does not overflow its banks by pumping the water from the river into the bay instead.

Both lock and pumps can be constructed in a way that makes them invisible under normal circumstances.