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Masterclass 2012

We have been hosting two masterclasses in 2012:

June: Serendipity and new experiences in the physical library & The Library in City Development. Find slides here.

November: Journey of experience as a design approach in interior planning and decoration.

Slides from Masterclass in November 2012

The theme of the masterclass was how we can approach interior planning and decoration as a journey of experience? How do we create an overall plan in our buildings that focus on user experience and embraces new formats, services, wayfinding, accesibility and dynamic surfaces.

Digital Convergence and Innovation in the Library environment

/Director of Business Development Paul Le Messurier, Samsung SDS Europe

The presentation will focus on our case studies and use of digital technology. It will provide an insight into what is going on in Korea and elsewhere and also give some ideas to the various participants how digital technology can be used.

Website: www.sds.samsung.com


Production Design - slides (.pdf, 34,9 MB) 

/Director Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication

The presentation will focus on how it is possible to work with production design when planning the building. How to consciously structure and present at journey of experience that builds expectations and influences form, rhytm and colours and frequency.

Kvorning Design & Communication is a versatile design company specializing in exhibition design, museum design, graphic communication and interior design. They have developed and completed design projects in more than 40 countries around the world. They have specialized in museum design and exhibition design - from concept development (interpretation) to onsite installation (design & build), including graphic, interactive solutions and web design.

Website: www.kvorning.dk


Slides from Masterclass in June 2012

Library project for the city of Ghent

Krist Biebauw: Library project for the city of Ghent (pdf)

Serendipity and creative experiences in the library space

Lennart Björneborn:
Serendipity and creative experiences in the physical library space (pdf)

Library and Urban Development

Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen & Henrik Jochumsen:
Library and Urban Development (pdf)