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Masterclass 2011

Masterclass of Library Building

June 19th 2011

Themes: Partnerships and Service design


Urban Mediaspace Aarhus

/Rolf Hapel, Citizens' Services and Libraries, Aarhus

Slides (as .pdf)

Partnerships in relation to funding

/Brian Gambles, Birmingham Public Library Taking an untraditional approach to challenges regarding funding of a new library in Birmingham, Brian will convey ideas and perspectives: How can we work with partnerships in relation to the funding of the library – what are the strenghts and what challenges can it cause, what kind of organisation and set-up is needed to handle it, what are the political implications etc.

Slides (as .pdf)

Service Design – development and implementation

/Reinart Mithassel, Nya Deichmann. Giving an outline on the approach in Oslo Reinart will give the Deichmann perspective on: How can we work with service design in relation to a new library, perspectives on user-involvement and how do we implement ideas about service design into the building process

Slides (as .pdf - reduced file size - 15 MB)

Slides (as .pdf - full version - 128 MB)