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Sketch of the car park in Mediaspace

Facts about the Car Park

An automatic car park has an elevator system, which parks and retrieves the car.

  • Approximately 540 cars can be parked per hour in the parking facility beneath the new Mediaspace in Aarhus.
  • Time spent parking the car is approximately one minute per user.
  • It takes approximately two minutes for the system to retrieve the car from the basement.
  • Thorough instructions on the machine and screens will help you park.
  • Automatic car parks are  still fairly unknown in Denmark, but have gained a footing in large cities like Lyon, Istanbul, Vienna and Tokyo.

In cooperation with the supplier of the facility, the German company Lödige, we have tailored the facility to Mediaspace. Practical layout and user-friendliness are the key words.

See Lödige's website here (opens in new window)