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Sketch of the car park in Mediaspace

The Vision for the Car Park

The City of Aarhus is behind the establishment of the automatic car park beneath Mediaspace. When the facility is finished, ownership is transferred to Realdania Byg, who will be responsible for the future operation of the facility.

The vision is to set new standards for user-friendliness and architectural quality within parking.

The facility in Aarhus is to be a model project showing new ways in compact, automatic parking construction and at the same time be a source of inspiration for professionals internationally.

The user at the centre

In the day-to-day operation, you, the user of the car park, are at the centre.

Realdania Byg desires a car park where user-friendliness is important. When you park your car it will be in a safe and bright environment, where you at the same time can enjoy the view over the water.