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‘It has to be fun, you must be able to use your body and senses, and there must be reading hideouts, music, cinema, nature, animals, workshops, graffiti, jumping pillows and football on the roof.’

These were some of the ideas generated in ‘Exploratorium – creative workshop about the library of the future’, which was open for children from the ages 9 to 13 during the first week of the summer holidays of 2007.

In the workshop, the children could play with ideas about space, activities, light and colour in the library of the future. The children worked with recycled materials from ‘the old library’, watercolour and digital images and text.

Along the way, the children were filmed and interviewed by a film crew from Plotpoint Film Production who have also edited the film.

The children’s many nice products as well as the film were exhibited in the Main Library in Aarhus in the period from 11-21 September 2007.