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Sustainable Icon for Aarhus

Mediaspace must be realized through an open and inspiring architecture that makes the building an icon for Aarhus as a city of knowledge. It must be an ambitious and challenging building that relates to its surroundings and users.

The touchstone of the building must be human beings rather than technology and the building must be tailored to human needs for imagination, security, curiosity and joy. Mediaspace must be sustainable. The choice of materials as well as technology must reflect a fundamental respect for the environment and awareness of resource and energy consumption. With its unique location, the building must rise as a gateway between Aarhus and the surrounding world.

The building must bring together the surrounding areas and make an attractive rallying ground for citizens of and visitors to Aarhus, children and families. Central principles of the interior design must be changeability and versatility but not to the detriment of originality in architecture. Thus, the building must be able to change appearance – both internally and externally – in order for the house to reflect the pulse of the city and the change of time.