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The Library of the Future

The purpose of our development projects and innovation processes at the Main Library in Aarhus has for many years been to gain experiences for our new Mediaspace. We have done human-centered design, servicedesign, prototypes on interiour design and new technologies in the physical library space, and experimenting with new competencies.
The Human-Centered Library
Dokk1 is a space for people and therefore the users have been the center of our design processes. One of the most recent project sums up our experiences with user involvement in the design thinking toolkit for libraries. With IDEO and Chicago Public Library as project partners we have made a toolkit to guide all libraries - big or small - in how to do human-centered design. The toolkit can be used by any front-line library staffer to adapt to library users’ changing needs. The methods can be observations, interviews in the users home, brainstorms and prototyping. We have used them to develop our IT-services, the music department and our services for children and families. The toolkit, workbook with methods and the quick-guide can be downloaded for free: www.designthinkingforlibraries.com