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Sketch of the view from the canteen on the 3rd floor


It is possible to let rooms in Dokk1. The rooms for let will have a view of the bay and the city and a central location in the centre of Aarhus.

A company renting part of Dokk1 will become part of dynamic, vibrant and innovative environment with a possibility for synergy with other activities in the building.

The areas for lease by businesses are separate from the public areas of the building. The locations are, however, very salient which ensures that companies are visible to the 3,500 daily users of the library and citizens’ services.

Storage room is available for each lease.


The companies renting space will also have a share in Dokk1’s large joint canteen with production kitchen.

The canteen can feed staff and guests, arrange food and drinks for meetings and be used for representational events.

Use of facilities

Tenants can enter into an agreement on use of the variety of rooms in Dokk1, e.g.:

  • The auditorium which can accommodate 300 people, where tenants can hold events and conferences
  • Meeting facilities, project rooms and labs for smaller groups, which the tenants can book.

Practical information

There is a total of 10,000 m2 for rent spread on six leases.

Each tenant can participate in the design of the area according to their needs and desires.


Contact Senior project manager Finn Bruun Ravnsbæk to receive more information about the areas for lease.

E-mail: fbr@aarhus.dk