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Vision for Mediaspace

A flexible sanctuary

Mediaspace should be a flexible and dynamic sanctuary for everyone in search of knowledge, inspiration, and personal development - an open and accessible learning environment supporting democracy and community.

Mediaspace provides space for contemplation and knowledge. It is an attractive, intelligent and interactive building, which supports the users’ desire to learn and experience.

The library is the core of the building

Mediaspace is a relocation, expansion and development of The Main Library in Aarhus. Mediaspace will, furthermore, house Citizens’ Services and a range of networks and cooperation partners.

Mediaspace will be a ‘melting pot’ for knowledge, growth and development. Centred on the users, Mediaspace should be the city’s heart for knowledge and culture – a unique place for cooperation.

Mediaspace is:

  • an open and informal learning centre
  • a special place for children stimulating play, experiencing and learning
  • a building that offers state-of-the-art information technology
  • the main library of the Aarhus-region with free and equal access to knowledge and culture
  • a place for dialogue, information, ideas and inspiration.

Network and cooperation

Mediaspace prioritises networking and cooperation. In the planning and building processes as well as in future activities of the house.

A variety of institutions and companies are involved in the network organisation and contribute knowledge and inspiration to the process.

Citizens and users will be involved throughout the process, and further knowledge and know-how will be gathered from international knowledge and cultural institutions.

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