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Sketch of the area outside Mediaspace

The Vision for the Waterfront Spaces

The new waterfront will emphasize the city’s magnificent location. The history of Aarhus is closely linked with the spot where the river runs into the bay.

The new waterfront spaces and the total construction project reconstitute the city’s exceptional location by the water. The city is linked with the bay and a junction is established between river valley, bay, city centre and the forests to the south and north of the city.

Urban life – by the water

With their central position close to Aarhus Cathedral and the city centre, the waterfront spaces must be vibrant urban spaces.

By making the water accessible from the city centre and restructuring traffic and railway a closer relation between the city, the harbour and the bay is created.

Sports, spectator’s stands and recreation

The spaces will be multi-functional. Through leisure-, sports- and cultural activities they will further a versatile urban life for all age groups.

To the east, the waterfront spaces end in a large stairway, which can be used as spectator’s stands and for recreational purposes.

The sketch below shows the new open space levels at the waterfront spaces.

Sketch of open space levels at the waterfront spaces