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Safeguarding the City Centre against Flooding

In the 2011 budget settlement, Aarhus City Council has decided to finance protection of Aarhus city centre against flooding.

Aarhus originated around a small river valley and the city centre is sensitive to higher water levels in the river and the bay. With prospects of climate changes in the shape of violent downpours and higher water levels there is an increased risk of flooding in the city centre.

The city council has previously decided to commence climate protection of the city centre in connection with the construction project Urban Mediaspace Aarhus if it was possible to procure the necessary funding. This has become reality with the 2011 budget settlement.

According to the budget settlement, funding was secured through interest of the district heating supply’s free equity capital as of 2012, contributions from Aarhus Water Supply, and a remainder of funding from the reopening of Aarhus River.

Read more about the plans for climate safeguarding (LINK)

Safeguarding the City Centre

You can read more about the municipality’s plans for safeguarding the city centre against flooding on The City of Aarhus’ website.

Safeguarding the city centre (in Danish only)

Budget Settlement

You can read more about the 2011 budget settlement on The City of Aarhus’ website.

2011 Budget settlement (in Danish only)