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Project Management

The project secretariat for Urban Mediaspace Aarhus is responsible for project management, planning, development and coordination of the project.

Furthermore, the project secretariat works with building, coordinating and further developing knowledge and network, which can contribute to the process.

The project secretariat consists of:

Finn Bruun Ravnsbæk

Finn Bruun Ravnsbæk

Head of project

E-mail: fbr@aarhus.dk

 Ina Bækgaard

Ina Bækgaard (On maternity leave)

Project manager

E-mail: ibae@aarhus.dk

Rune Bak Knudsen

Project representative

E-mail: rubk@aarhus.dk

Jonas Aabo Larsen

Project representative

E-mail: joal@aarhus.dk

Tobias Holst-Langberg

Project representative

E-mail: toah@aarhus.dk