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Projektområdet for Urban Mediaspace Aarhus


Mediaspace and the new waterfront spaces will be situated in the area, which today is commonly known as Aarhus Harbour.

Aarhus Docklands will become a new part of town stretching from the northern part of the harbour opposite Riis Woods to Tangkrogen in the south.

The history of the area

Since the early Viking age, the area has held a pivotal significance for Aarhus and it has been crucial for the city’s development.

Aarhus grew up around the river and its mouth. In fact, the city’s Old Danish name is Aros, which means “mouth of the river”.

Aarhus River used to be an important artery of ship traffic to and from the city and the first harbour was constructed a stretch away from the city, namely at Aaby and at the East end of Braband Lake.

Gradually, as ships became larger and larger and increased in number as well, it became necessary to move the harbour and instead build a proper coastal harbour in the Aarhus Bay. This took place in the 1840s.

Subsequently, Aarhus Harbour has grown steadily and it is now Denmark’s largest and most busy container harbour. Each year approximately 8,000 ships call into port containing 12 million tons of goods altogether.

From harbour to city

In 1997, Aarhus Harbour, Aarhus County and the City of Aarhus decided that the area surrounding inner harbour should no longer be commercial harbour but instead be turned into a city space with habitation, culture, trade and recreational oases.

Thus, one of Aarhus’ largest urban development projects was initiated.

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