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 Sketch of Mediaspace seen from Europaplads

Vision for the Project

The main idea behind the construction project Urban Mediaspace Aarhus is to build the library of the future and turn the inner harbour area of Aarhus into a vivid and active urban space.

With Dokk1, the new waterfront spaces and the restructuring of Kystvejen, the area will become an important link between the city centre and the bay.

Here, citizens and visitors can experience the convergence between city and water and an opportunity for new cultural activities, recreation, experiences and play.


Dokk1 will become the new Main Library and Citizens’ Services, which are to promote future media and municipal services to the citizens.

Dokk1 must be an open and accessible learning environment and an environment for experiences, which provides the opportunity for activity as well as tranquillity and contemplation.

With its manifold facilities for social and association activities as well as networking, Dokk1 will contribute to the promotion of democracy and community.

A visionary and sustainable architecture must turn Dokk1 into an icon for Aarhus and show a future-oriented city of innovation.

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Waterfront spaces

The waterfront spaces will become a new significant space in the city centre. Here, opportunities for activities generating liveliness and commitment will arise.

The new urban space must be a flexible and dynamic refuge for everyone. Closeness to the waterfront, car park, train station and light rail transit makes the area a natural meeting place and excursion spot.

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Involvement and networking

Only by involving the people who are going to use Dokk1 will it be possible to generate a lively urban space. Consequently, the project involves the citizens of Aarhus as well as the future employees of Dokk1 in the process.

Furthermore, the project prioritises network and cooperation and involves institutions and local Aarhus companies in order to have them contribute with knowledge sharing, sparring and inspiration.

The project gathers further knowledge and know-how among international cultural and knowledge institutions.

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Architectural quality does not necessarily equal great facilities financing.

Architectural quality rather concerns creating value for money by means of intelligent solutions and thereby obtaining the best possible project within the financial framework.

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