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New Infrastructure

The harbour infrastructure will be restructured as part of the City of Aarhus’ overall traffic plan to ensure easier access to the waterfront and the water.

The City of Aarhus will reduce the heavy through traffic in the city centre and create better accessibility for bicycles and public means of transportation.

Traffic on the waterfront space and around Mediaspace

In future, you will experience a more smooth transition between the various forms of traffic when you move in the area around the new Mediaspace and the waterfront spaces.

In other words, the area will be a shared space for traffic in which pedestrians and cyclists will move side by side and the light rail tracks will be embedded in the pavement due to accessibility.

Cars will continue to drive along Kystvejen, but traffic will lessen so that cars in future will drive in two lanes instead of four.

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Along the entire section of the road, a recreational promenade with a pedestrian- and bicycle path will be built. 

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Sketch of traffic along the harbour