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Rerouting Traffic Flow

While the municipality is building at the harbour, it is necessary to reroute the traffic flow in the area. Increased traffic flow to and from the construction site will naturally result in some temporary traffic-related inconveniences; primarily along Kystvejen, around Europaplads and on the actual harbour.

Bear with us

Mediaspace, including the Aarhus Docklands, is the largest construction project in the history of the city. By building it, we will make access from city to water much easier. The city’s citizens and visitors will benefit from this in future.

During the construction period, it is unavoidable that the construction will inconvenience traffic in the area. We will make sure to limit the traffic-related inconveniences as much as possible and kindly ask for your tolerance and patience while it is going on.

Keep an eye out for ongoing reroutings

The Construction of Mediaspace on the harbour stretches from summer 2011 to the end of 2014.

Construction on the harbour moves from the south to the north: The first construction site, which we will use, is Mediaspace itself, opposite Europaplads. Subsequently, we will work on the waterfront space north of Toldboden. The waterfront space is expected to be finished at the end of 2015.

Traffic in and around the harbour area will, to smaller or greater extent, be affected throughout this period.