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Timetable for Construction Process

Here, you can see the overall timetable for the construction process.

It is difficult to foretell exactly when each individual activity will take place on the building site, but you will be able to follow the development of the construction process here on the website.

Summer 2011 – summer 2012

  • Demolition of old quaysides
  • Steel sheet pile driving for the construction frame and new quaysides
  • Excavation of construction frame and pole driving
  • Demolition of the outermost part of Pier 1 and the old ferry landing
  • Backfilling the areas where the new quaysides will be placed in the current harbour basin
  • Establishing bridge from Mindet to the coming Mediaspace

Summer 2012 – summer 2013

  • Construction of the shell
  • Reorganising the streets around Europaplads
  • Reopening of Aarhus River

Summer 2013 – autumn 2014

  • Internal layout of the building
  • Reopening of Aarhus River
  • Reorganisation of streets
  • Installation of the automatic parking facility
  • Mediaspace and parking facility will be ready for use in late 2014

Autumn 2014 – autumn 2015

  • Remaining reorganisation of streets
  • Demolition of the remaining part of Pier 1
  • Establishment of waterfront spaces
  • Streets and spaces are ready for use in late 2015